Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga in many countries around the world is categorized as Science. The rest of the world doesn’t disagree with the categorization; they

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merely play with words and understand in terms of scientific methods.

Before we go to the benefits of Yoga it is important to fist understand what Yoga actually. The word ‘Yoga’ itself is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning union, which further is elaborated as unity between mind, body and soul. Most of us take Yoga as simply an exercise, something like bicycling or swimming. No doubt Yoga sure is an exercise but only a part of it, the benefits derived from Yoga can make change to ages. This might be sounding cheesy, but it is a known fact. The changes that yoga will make in your life are all great benefits, leading to a more relaxed way of life, better health, better sleep and being better able to deal with problems.

To start with a few common things, how many of us fully breathe? Maybe one tenth of the people do, the rest breathe to complete the formality. Complete breathing is also wonderfully relaxing. But are you aware letting your breath reach to every part of your body can sooth for various body aches? People have forgotten to relax their mind and body by natural resources.

The primary thing you need to do is get a Yoga mat, squeeze time out of your busy schedule for yourself and leave all your worries behind.

You must have seen many people attending Yoga classes or people doing Yoga on TV stretching into various appealing positions. That is the end result of Yoga. Yoga starts with releasing your muscles which have been bent for years sitting on couches, chairs, lying in bed, driving your car etc. It frees your body from the pain and lubricates them. Getting your muscles flexible is the first step to avoiding them from future injuries. Muscles that have become weak and flabby become toned through practicing yoga, leading to increased strength. Stretching your muscles enables your organs to provide fresh blood to the parts which cannot be reached else wise. This nourishes your body and the result is in the form of fresh and glowing skin.

Another great benefit of Yoga is for pregnant women. It helps women to stay in shape and no matter what your fitness level is; Yoga has no side effects and is great to relax in such days. Most of the Yoga instructors are especially certified in pre-natal women and they can easily customize the exercises to suit every individual.

When it comes to Yoga instructors, they are trained people. They spend most of their time learning new things which involves more participation on Yoga classes. Hence it makes a group of well trained professionals who understand, patient and great in helping you overcoming difficulties. The important thing is that you need to inform your teacher or trainer about your health concerns. There can be many poses which are not advisable for you and many poses which are required to help you heal. Your teacher will guide you with the various steps involved in yoga postures, like stretching, breathing or simply relaxation.

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