Oprah’s Show Revealed The Secret – But There’s More SO MUCH MORE To Tell

To help anyone understand HOW the law of attraction really, really works, not just some of the time, but ALL OF THE TIME, Veronique, a Master Mentor /Teacher reveals her practical, yet profound and insightful strategies in an inspirational story combined with unique and simple ground breaking instructions found in the Two Volume Manual, THE CHOICE IS MINE. Here is where the power in learning how to use the law of attraction, will work for large corporations, small businesses and individuals alike.

DENVER, Colorado (PRWEB) July 1, 2007 — On February 8, Oprah revealed The Secret to the world. Following the Oprah special it sparked hope that life can change for the better if willing to be responsible for making that happen. Obviously there are a lot of different people teaching “law of attraction” material.  More and more jump on this bandwagon, ever since “The Secret” has been released. There are many in the “law of attraction army”!  Due to this influx, thousands have become aware that there is something more. Many however have become frustrated because using this ancient law has had less-than-stellar results for them.

From the mounting frustrations of so many, larger questions arose when this law was less than successful; “Can it really, really work? If we can get it to work once can we get it to work ALL OF THE TIME? What am I doing wrong because it is NOT working for me.” In an answer to all of these questions, yes the law of attraction works and it’s not that anyone is doing anything wrong, all that anyone had was, the WHAT to do, not a clear HOW to manifest these results especially when fear may have been choking them to death or without years of hard work or a lot of bumps and bruises along the way.

Veronique, a Master Mentor /Teacher answers these vital questions and so much more in the 2 volume manual THE CHOICE IS MINE.  Veronique was able to use this ancient law successfully since early childhood and even in to adulthood.  However, when asked to teach what she knew, others were unable to always grasp and continually be successful in what she guided. She realized that what she was teaching was only a WHAT, NOT the HOW. She then placed herself in different human conditions using what she knew and becoming more and more aware of the HOW she was doing it. She successfully used this HOW in what was missing from her earlier teachings with a selected small group. After years of study, research, and application she now knew HOW she could pass this knowledge successfully on to others.

During these years of research Veronique approached numerous people and asked them to describe what they did, how they did it and what they were thinking when they attracted their day-to-day situations, either good or bad. She selected the most powerful contributions to reveal why some could attract powerfully when it appeared that some couldn’t. she combined these dialogues and her profound wisdom into the manual. This THE CHOICE IS MINE 2 volume manual gave her the ability to successfully pass this knowledge on to large corporations, small businesses and individuals.

Veronique is to life in developing the MEANS to apply the energy of thoughts, words and actions into having what anyone wants like Einstein was to physics in developing the law of mass/energy. Authors who reviewed THE CHOICE IS MINE, such as Barry Spilchuck of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul have commented that this manual is guiding you in a clear HOW to make the law of attraction work for you, and beyond. Now thousands more will benefit from this unique and simple instruction if they choose to use it to its full potential. The best part is once anyone has a HOW, life takes on new meaning, filled with exuberance and fun.

“After watching the Oprah special on The Secret, people probably came away wondering ‘Is this for real?’  ‘Can I do this?’” Veronique explained. “The power behind THE ‘CHOICE IS MINE’ is to show that it is for real and that anyone, in any situation can use the law of attraction combining it with other important TRUTHS to transform their lives. The law of attraction is an important part of the puzzle, yet it is only a single element of what is necessary. That’s why I included both practical instructions and inspirational dialogs between myself and former students throughout volume one, so it’s not a secret anymore and you have all the parts necessary to make up the whole.”

Readers of THE CHOICE IS MINE will learn:

• Science and Spirituality in the law of life/attraction/manifestation, requires being over doing.

• HOW to ask intent filled and quality questions to generate what you want faster, better, with longevity and clear certainty.

• Receiving TRUTHS in the underlining process for manifestation to have what appears as miracles clearing an easier path.

• How to really dream large and build a strong, lasting foundation under those well deserved dreams.

• Inspiring transformational KEYS to go from struggle and illness into building greater freedom, ease, grace and abundance.

Veronique commented; “The response to ‘THE CHOICE IS MINE‘ has been way beyond wonderful.. it is exciting and fulfilling for me to see so many people understanding HOW to make different choices today that will affect a brighter tomorrow.”

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