New Personal Growth Manual Is One Of The First To Provide The HOW To Achieving Abundance

In the set of personal growth and personal transformation books out there today, very few of them have a step by step method on how to remove blocks at the subconscious level, quickly and permanently that can be done by using powerful tools in everyday situations.

Denver, 2007 – The Choice is Mine, a new handbook and a framework for life, is one of the first manuals available to provide the HOW to do WHAT we need to do to achieve greater ease, grace and abundance in our lives. This 2 volume manual set, the culmination of 18 years of research, works so naturally and easily that it contains a warning. “People who use this material on a consistent basis will see changes in their lives that they will tend to attribute to luck, or their prayers were answered. In reality, they have changed their subconscious beliefs at such a subtle level that they may not be aware of what has truly happened, which is their subconscious beliefs have changed.” said B. Hopkins, President of Psiphon Consulting and Internet Director of Veronique Inc.

“The bottom line is that everyone is driven by their perception of love, and what they feel they must do to give or receive that perception,” said Master Mentor/Teacher Veronique, the author of The Choice is Mine, “In most cases, people’s perception of love is not an accurate representation of what is really true love, so it drives them to make decisions, and create results for themselves that may be counter to what they truly want in their life.” said Veronique.

This theory is the break-though reason why many of the self empowerment books fail to work for most people, because they don’t address this perception. “If you are using affirmations, and other similar tools, you are only using 10% of your creative ability, and the work required to overcome the 90% of your creative ability that lies in you subconscious is tremendous” said Veronique. That is why these tools successfully work for only a small percentage of people.

The groundbreaking process found in The Choice Is Mine provides the reader with an understanding of what motivates them and guides them to look into themselves to find their perception of love. “Once you have discovered your perception of love, you will find the thing that motivates 100% of everything you do.” said Veronique. When you are aware of this, is when you can use the tools found in the manual, to begin to clear your thoughts and beliefs around this perception that are counter what you truly want in life. “If you want to be wealthy, but your perception of love is that in order to be loved, you need to be helped and given money, then you have a major conflict within your subconscious mind. No matter how much you may consciously want to be wealthy, your subconscious mind will keep you from being wealthy because if you are, your perception will tell you that you can’t receive love from anyone anymore because there will be no need for them to give you money,” said Veronique.

The tools in this manual include 11 keys that the reader can use in everyday emotional situations that come up for them. “These keys will begin to re-program the subconscious mind so that you begin to replace the beliefs that are holding you back from receiving what you want, with beliefs that will allow you to receive abundance.” said Veronique. To solidly ground the changes, a section called “The Process” directly works on the subconscious mind of the reader to allow them to begin receiving what they consciously say they want in life.

Hundreds of people have been helped by the tools found in The Choice is Mine, and have made profound changes in their lives, from the most subtle to the most obvious. This manual can be considered a Framework For Life, as it works at any level a person happens to be at in their life. “The powerful thing about this manual is that it isn’t just a read once and then put away on the shelf to collect dust, but it is to be used over and over again, as the reader grows and desires a different change in their life.”

The powerful training in this manual has already helped hundreds and hundreds of people over the years in some very powerful ways. To find more information about The Choice is Mine and how to have this powerful manual in your life, go to To find more information about Veronique and Veronique Inc, go to

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